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Probate The Right Way—And How We Can Save You Thousands!

A loved one has passed on. You are executor of their will (or maybe there is no will). What should you do?

First, take time to grieve and be with family. When you are mentally ready, give us a call.

Many people think that being named as executor of a will makes them authorized to act as executor. But that is not how it works. To be authorized, you need a Superior Court to probate (“prove”) the will, appoint you as the executor (“personal representative”), and give you the required documentation that you will then present to banks, investment brokers, title companies, and others you may be dealing with. If there is no will, there is still a way to be appointed as the administrator of the estate.

As the executor or administrator of the estate, you are required to deal fairly with creditors and other heirs, to make sure tax returns are filed and taxes paid, and to distribute the estate in accordance with the will or with the law of succession. This is where we can help and save you money.

Three Ways We Save On Estates Going Through Probate

1. We can negotiate debt. People often die with credit card or other debt. We can often negotiate with those creditors and get them to accept less than what is owed. Often, for a few hundred in fees, we have saved the estate thousands!

2. We can help maximize your tax savings. Especially if your loved one owned real property at the time of death, it is essential to take the proper steps to minimize taxes. There are not just estate/gift taxes to deal with, but income and capital gain taxes that apply to property of a loved one. We can help steer you right.

3. We can make sure you take all the right steps so that you are not personally liable for anything. You will not need to worry about a creditor coming forward afterward and making a claim against you. We will help make sure everything is done right, so that a creditor that comes too late is out of luck.

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