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We Resolve Business Issues And Prevent Others From Arising

Whether you are just starting out, an experienced business owner, or are in the process of selling or buying a business, we can advise you, protect you, and save you money and heartache.

Many come to us only when it is too late. Perhaps they bought a business, didn’t do their required research, and now have the Department of Revenue threatening them with liens for unpaid taxes. Or perhaps they didn’t plan well, an owner died, and they don’t know how to buy out the other side.

We can help you in those situations, but more importantly, prevent problems before they arise. Here are some frequent questions we can help answer:

  1. Should you incorporate or set up an entity? How can limited liability protect your other assets?
  2. What business structure is right for you?—LLC. S-corp, LLP? What tax benefits can each provide?
  3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of putting property into an LLC?
  4. What are your risks?

We do all of the following and more:

  1. Draft and file the required documents with the state, such as articles of incorporation.
  2. Put together by-laws, operating agreements, minutes, consents, and other business documents.
  3. Draft and review commercial leases tailored to your business.
  4. Draft purchase and sale agreements for business shares or assets.
  5. Succession planning, such as buy-sell agreements for life insurance policies to buy out a deceased owner.
  6. Act as a registered agent to accept process and remind you when it is time to refile with the state.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Let our experienced attorneys guide you! Call today at 360-362-0822 or contact us online for an appointment. We are located in Bremerton and serve clients throughout Kitsap County, Mason County and Jefferson County.